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Status Future consideration
Categories EIAT
Created by Peifer Brandon
Created on Mar 20, 2023

DERs listed in the Hosting Capacity Details window should be able to click and navigate to.

Can see DERs associated with each feeder and can see their location on the DER tab. Would be nice to be able to select and then navigate from that screen to the DER choosen.

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  • Admin
    Adam Stotz
    Mar 29, 2023

    There is a release scheduled for Friday that will result in a few changes:
    1. The DER data source will change from the NYSERDA DER portal ( to utility-provided DER data.

    2. There will be a couple orders of magnitude increase in DERs visible in the IEDR.

    3. Specific location of the DER was considered sensitive, so they will be rendered and located at the centroid of the attached Feeder.

    4. After clicking a circuit and clicking Learn More ->, the installed and planned DER tables will be populated in the Feeder Details popup window.

    Does this update address what you are looking for, albeit in a slightly different user flow?

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  • Terry Carroll
    Mar 28, 2023

    I agree, right now it's a little confusing what the number represents when you first see it. It makes more sense when you goggle installed/queued but it would be nice if clicking showed location and provided the detail if they were intalled/queued by different color.