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All data can be downloaded

Would love to be able to download different layers - data is useful but we do so much more analysis offline. Having a consolidated data source is awesome though.
Guest 4 months ago in Other 0

Can you import EJ data from EPA? Most DAC's in NYS have excess negative SDOH such as exposure to Lead Based Paint. A barrier to making older housing resilient to climate could be extending the lifetime of homes that poison children with Lead in NY. NY annually has more poisoned children than any other state in the USA. Unintended consequences of retrofitting homes for climate change and CLPCA compliance could exacerbate the already worst lead poisoning problem in our country, cursory check of CDC data can confirm NY poisons more children 6 or younger annually than any other state.

Assist planning for HUD Lead Hazard Control or Lead Hazard Reduction grants to remove and stabilize housing components with LBP while also doing braided funding housing intervention work to weatherize older housing for climate resiliency too. If w...
Guest about 1 year ago in Other 0