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Rate Plans

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Rate Plan page: Rate Plan Description field should be next to Rate Plan name

Currently, you have to scroll a lot to the right to see the description of the rate plan as the default view. Ideally the description should be next to the rate plan name. It will make it easier for the user to understand what the rate plans are a...
Marina Derechinskaya 3 months ago in Rate Plans 0 Prioritized

National Grid rate plans should be able to view based on its affiliate tariff filed with the NYS PSC tariff's

National Grid has 4 separate affiliate tariffs filed with the NYS PSC: NMPC Electric (Tariff No. 220), NMPC Gas (Tariff No. 219), KEDNY Gas (Tariff No. 12) and KEDLI Gas (Tariff No. 1). Each of these tariffs should be able to be filtered or viewed...
Guest 4 months ago in Rate Plans 0 Prioritized