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Please use this portal to submit ideas for our development team to consider in its roadmap. For support or data issues, please send an email to: to receive more immediate assistance.


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EIAT - Questions/thoughts on 'Land Cover' data

Siting Team has a few thoughts/questions/concerns about the 'Land Cover' data layer: Utilization of single base layer: While the selected base layer - maintained by the the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium - is useful, it is in eff...
Ian Latimer 3 months ago in EIAT 0

EIAT - Questions/thoughts on 'Parcels' layer

Siting Team has a few thoughts/questions/concerns about the 'Parcels' data layer: Incompleteness of data: The EIAT User Manual notes that parcel data is sourced from databases in the public domain, but it appears that not all public data is actual...
Ian Latimer 3 months ago in EIAT 0

EV Interconnection Data

No description provided
Guest 3 months ago in EIAT 0

All data can be downloaded

Would love to be able to download different layers - data is useful but we do so much more analysis offline. Having a consolidated data source is awesome though.
Guest 3 months ago in Other 0

Display changes & filter options

No description provided
Guest 3 months ago in EIAT 0

National Grid rate plans should be able to view based on its affiliate tariff filed with the NYS PSC tariff's

National Grid has 4 separate affiliate tariffs filed with the NYS PSC: NMPC Electric (Tariff No. 220), NMPC Gas (Tariff No. 219), KEDNY Gas (Tariff No. 12) and KEDLI Gas (Tariff No. 1). Each of these tariffs should be able to be filtered or viewed...
Guest 3 months ago in Rate Plans 0 Prioritized

Feedback on EIAT

Consider adding a definition of minimum hosting capacity vs maximum hosting capacity - both values are given and there is a wide range in their values. Consider adding a filter to the hosting capacity map so that users can see only the "mature pip...
Guest 3 months ago in EIAT 1

Mineral Soil Group GIS Analysis

Idea is to create a new analysis GIS tool to make quick calculations of mineral soil groups 1-4 within an uploaded facility area. This would be applicable to large-scale solar development.
Guest 4 months ago in EIAT 0

Withdrawn DERs from SIR inventory

Being able to view, filter, report, and analyze the inventory of “withdrawn” DERs from the SIR inventory would be useful. DER interconnection applications are withdrawn for a multitude of reasons; the ability to view, report on, and analyze withdr...
Guest 5 months ago in EIAT 0

Dynamic monitoring and calculations of DER Hosting Capacity

The ability to quantify how much hosting capacity is available for DER installations within a specified area, at a given point in time, throughout time, and the resultant metrics may be used to support the practicalities of Climate Act goal soluti...
Guest 5 months ago in EIAT 0