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Basemap feature- Ability to switch basemap to satellite view/ topographic view etc

Satallite view will allow DER developers to visually identify feeder, substation & DER projects.
Dhruv Patel 11 months ago in New Feature 1 Prioritized

Hosting Capacity Feeder Color Range is not accurate. Examples: 36_30_17851 is 0 but color is yellow

Feeder colors need to be more specific and accurate.
Bersani Jane 12 months ago in Data Discrepancy 0 Under Review

Can you import EJ data from EPA? Most DAC's in NYS have excess negative SDOH such as exposure to Lead Based Paint. A barrier to making older housing resilient to climate could be extending the lifetime of homes that poison children with Lead in NY. NY annually has more poisoned children than any other state in the USA. Unintended consequences of retrofitting homes for climate change and CLPCA compliance could exacerbate the already worst lead poisoning problem in our country, cursory check of CDC data can confirm NY poisons more children 6 or younger annually than any other state.

Assist planning for HUD Lead Hazard Control or Lead Hazard Reduction grants to remove and stabilize housing components with LBP while also doing braided funding housing intervention work to weatherize older housing for climate resiliency too. If w...
Guest 9 months ago in New Feature 0 Under Review

In clustered view for hosting capacity map, unable to see which zone each zone boundary coordinates to when user hovers over the area.

No description provided
Shehnaz Mannan 10 months ago in Bug Report 1 Will not implement

Withdrawn DER still shown in queued DER list

Withdrawn projects should either not be shown, designated as withdrawn, or the data of the PSC SIR data used be clearly given. Display for accuracy and clarity
John Sasso 11 months ago in Bug Report 0 Will not implement

Found at least one instance of an incorrect thermal capacity for a substation TB given

Map needs to present accurate information on thermal capacity of the transformer bank
John Sasso 11 months ago in Bug Report 0 Future consideration

List of projects enqueued appear not be in their actual order in the queue

Enqueued DER should be listed in their order in the queue
John Sasso 11 months ago in Bug Report 0 Under Review

3. Local voltage of feeder segment is not given

Local voltage of feeder segment is not given, only the voltage originating from the transformer bank. Hence, what is displayed as a 13.2kV segment is actually, say, as 4.16kV segment
John Sasso 11 months ago in Feature Improvement 0 Under Review

A 3phase segment is shown where only 1phase exists

In National Grid territory, eg. 466 Schoharie Hill Rd, Schoharie, the map shows a 3PH feeder where a 1PH segment actually exists. This error may be due to the two hosted feature layers from NGrid pertaining to feeders where one shows even 1PH segm...
John Sasso 11 months ago in Bug Report 1 Will not implement

Interconnection Cost format changes when exported.

The data exports with the incorrect dollar amount.
Shera McFearn 11 months ago in Bug Report 0 Prioritized