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Please use this portal to submit ideas for our development team to consider in its roadmap. For support or data issues, please send an email to: to receive more immediate assistance.


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Time scale for DERs to show %change

Who would benefit? EAIT map viewers What is the status quo or problem to be solved? Currently, users are only able to see current status of DERs - no reference how it looked previously. What impact would it make? Have a sliding timescale and/or da...
Marina Derechinskaya 10 days ago in EIAT 0

Color/heat map for DERs

Who would benefit? all access EAIT maps What is the status quo or problem to be solved? Currently, DER bubbles are cluttered. Users cannot tell from a high-level view how many DERs are installed and having to zoom in. It's difficult to determine c...
Marina Derechinskaya 10 days ago in EIAT 0

Add DER Data Refreshed Date

Who would benefit? DER Stakeholders What is the status quo or problem to be solved? Don't know when the DER is good for What impact would it make? Would be able to line up data with a timeline. Useful when tracking the progress of different applic...
Peifer Brandon 8 days ago in EIAT 0

All data can be downloaded

Would love to be able to download different layers - data is useful but we do so much more analysis offline. Having a consolidated data source is awesome though.
Guest 3 months ago in Other 0

Report data issues on map

Google maps allows you to submit incorrect addresses, phone numbers, hours, etc. on the map with their "Suggest an edit" feature. This functionality can be added to the EIAT, possibly through the tooltips, to allow users to report issues on specif...
Guest 2 months ago in EIAT 0

DER Tariff Compensation Plan Chosen

Who would benefit? Researchers What is the status quo or problem to be solved? The Net Metering plan chosen is not shown for planned and installed DER What impact would it make? Understand plan choice and DER adoption How should it work? Compensat...
Guest about 1 month ago in EIAT 0

Incorporation of large-scale renewables

We recognize the significant sensitivities involved here in terms of project locations, long lead times around interconnection, etc. Strongly recommend a robust discussion with the Siting Team, LSR team, and other stakeholders, but ultimately we a...
Ian Latimer 3 months ago in EIAT 0

Mineral Soil Group GIS Analysis

Idea is to create a new analysis GIS tool to make quick calculations of mineral soil groups 1-4 within an uploaded facility area. This would be applicable to large-scale solar development.
Guest 4 months ago in EIAT 0

Rate Plan page: Rate Plan Description field should be next to Rate Plan name

Currently, you have to scroll a lot to the right to see the description of the rate plan as the default view. Ideally the description should be next to the rate plan name. It will make it easier for the user to understand what the rate plans are a...
Marina Derechinskaya 3 months ago in Rate Plans 0 Prioritized

Add National Land Cover Database 2021 layers

Add the NLCD layers from their 2021 release:
Jeremy Wyble 3 months ago in EIAT 0